Localhost 403 forbidden

Open httpd.conf file. (see image below)

Search for this line. onlineoffline tag and put a # to comment out the Deny from all and put this: Allow from all

Restart your WAMPServer and it should work now.

If it does not work, please watch the video below.

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How to change default wamp document root directory

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to change the default document root directory of wamp. You configure this when installing WAMP. But what if you want to change? Ok, so let’s start.

First, fire up your WAMP then left click on the wamp icon (located at the taskbar) > Apache > httpd.conf.

(see image below)

The file (httpd.conf) will open into your notepad.

Second, hit Ctrl+F and type documentroot. At the first result, find the line DocumentRoot “c:/wamp/www/ but in my case it’s DocumentRoot “c:/local_development/www/”. Put a hashtag in front of the line to comment out and below the line, put DocumentRoot “c:/directory/” (where directory is where you want to put your document root. In my case, DocumentRoot “d:/development/”.

(see image below)

Third, again hit Ctrl+F and type documentroot to and below you will find this line <Directory “c:/wamp/www/”>, but in my case its <Directory “c:/local_development/www/”>. Again put a hashtag in front of the line to comment out and below the line put <Directory “d:/documentrootdirectory/”> where documentrootdirectory is the directory/folder you configured in the second step. In my case it’s <Directory “d:/development/”>.

(see image below)

Finally, restart your WAMPServer and test.