Connect, manage and update files on your Linux Server like a PRO

I’ve been using Linux (Ubuntu) for a year now. Mind you that this post was written by a newbie guy.
In this post, I am going to show you how to connect to a Linux Server using SSH and add,update,delete files on your web applications, etc. The first time I setup a server and upload web application, I use FileZilla for uploading files and PuTTY for SSH connection. But not this time.

What we need?

  1. A Linux distro (preferably Ubuntu)
  2. Linux Server (of course!) – deb
  3. A text editor for updating our code (recommended – Sublime Text)

1. Let’s open up a folder (Home folder). From the Menu bar, click File>Connect to Server.

2. A window will appear. You will need to fill up the fields.
Server: the IP address of the server
Port: 22
Server: the IP address of the server
Username and Password: user account to connect to server (account from server)

Note: Make sure the server has OpenSSH installed. Default port is 22

3. Another window will appear and we can now start adding,updating our files on the server.

This is way faster than using WinSCP/FileZilla. You just navigate to the server’s directory and drag and drop files from your desktop to server, open files from the server using text editor from your desktop.